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Jeana Partin
May 14, 2020

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Jeana Partin
November 26, 2019

Candidacy for Accreditation

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Jeff and Natalie Townsend

Board Secretary
"Tricia Fulton is an incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and wise advisor.  She is central to the Grace abounding atmosphere at CC Bearden.  It is obvious her sincere love of God, the Students, the Teaching Community, and an Education of moral and academic excellence inspire her dedication as a leader in homeschool education.  Her advice is always thoughtful, rich with experience, and presented with humility.  She is great at providing perspective yet helping you zero in on a preferred path.  I wish there was some way to multiple Tricia Fulton and her influence in the homeschool movement.  I do not know anyone who works as hard on behalf of her Learning Community as Tricia."